Evry mucks up banking once again

EVRY headquarters at Fornebu. Photo: wikipedia.org

Online Banking problems: The error is fixed according to Evry, but customers still experience trouble

Near say as per usual, Norwegian bank customers are affected by problems with their online banking. The solutions provider Evry has once again caused problems for a lot of users. They have allegedly fixed the error, but some banks still cannot deliver services to their customers.


The error is corrected and operating services are operating normally, Communications Director in Evry, Geir Remman, told to NTB Friday afternoon.

– When we reboot the systems, we must check that all the services work. We are experiencing lags, and it will take some time before everything is up and running, according to Remman.

Evry has received confirmation from several of the affected banks that the services are starting to functioning again.

– There are still some customers experiencing difficulties, but we see that many services are on their way back online, he continues

Around 4 pm on Friday, the company states in a press release that customers still cannot access services and that they regret the inconvenience this causes.


A little after 4 pm, Sparebank 1 on informed Facebook that the problems that seemed to improve earlier in the afternoon, unfortunately, have returned. The bank writes that the bug fix their supplier made did not work as everyone hoped and they therefore apologize to their customers.

– We will get back to you as soon as we have something to report, the bank writes.

Likewise the Skandia Bank reported at 2:45 pm on Facebook that their systems were still unstable.

– We are working full pelt to repair and our hope is that it does not take too long before everything works as normal

Error in Component

Evry says they are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to the customers. They will now review the cause and evaluate what measures will be taken to prevent such errors from happening again.

There was an error in a central unit component that caused a lot of customers not to be able to access online banking and ATMs on Friday.

Skandia Bank, Handelsbanken, Sparebank 1 Group and Sparebanken Vest are among the banks affected.


This is the n’th time in recent time that Evry has had problems with their online solutions. As far as Norway Today can recollect this happens every two to three months, if not more often. Evry every time apologize, but fail to recognize that there are basic flaws in their test routines.  IT professionals find that it is horrendous that they time and time again push solutions that are not properly tested in a sandboxed environment, and that the Norwegian banks don’t react more strongly to what is obviously a basic flaw with their supplier of software solutions. To be fair to Evry, there was no downtime during the Norwegian public holidays in July as far as Norway Today know.

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