Signing in to public services operational

Jan Bjerved, CEO BankID. Public servicesJan Bjerved, CEO of BankID. Photo: BankID

Signing in to public services is operational

The Public Login Services MinID and BankID are back in operation after having been unavailable for two hours Thursday afternoon.


– Evry has solved the problem. The ID portal is working as it should, says Senior Advisor in the Directorate for Administration and ICT, Sol Daler Stafsnes, to NTB at 5 pm on Thursday.

The ID portal that provides the public login services MinID and BankID together with the commercial services Buypass and Commfides, was unavailable due to IT problems at the service provider Evry.

Major services unavailable

– It has been confirmed that our systems are back online at 4 pm. There was a network error that caused this. We identified the problem, and brought the services back online, says communications director in Evry, Geir Remman.

The error led to public services that require login via the ID portal, as for example: Nav, The Loan Fund and the tax authorities did not function.

Even the service of the news agency, NTB, was for a period of time inaccessible as a result of the ICT problems at Evry.


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