Fewer pregnant women smoke during pregnancy

smokesIllustration.Pregnant woman who smokes.Photo: Knut Falch / Scanpix .

During the last 20 years, the number of pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy has decreased from 23 percent to around 3 percent.

Shows new numbers from the Medical Birth Register. Statistics also show a sharp reduction from the beginning of a pregnancy to the end.

Last year we had 55,059 births in Norway. At the beginning of pregnancy, 1,363 women smoked daily, which corresponds to 2.7 percent. Of these, only 804 (1.6 percent) smoked daily by the end of pregnancy.

If we go back to 1999, the figures were 22.7 percent and 16 per cent respectively, reports the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

It is women under the age of 20 who smoke the most while they are pregnant, but this number has also fallen sharply since 1999.

Pregnant women may say no to provide information to the birth register, but in 2018, 90.7 percent of those who agreed to provide the information.

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