Fingers crossed: Summer temperatures could return to Norway next week

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While the days leading up to the weekend will be marked by rain and wind in Southern Norway, temperatures could surpass 20 degrees during the weekend all over the country.

“It will be exciting to see (what happens),” on-duty meteorologist Pernille Borander at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

She emphasized that the forecasts are uncertain, but that nice weather could spread all over the country on Monday.

“Already from Sunday, there is a possibility for seeing 20 degrees in Southern Norway and Trøndelag.

We can hope that it (i.e., the nice weather) will extend a little further north. If one is to believe the temperature forecasts, the weather could look like that,” the meteorologist added.

Many weather warnings

However, first, proper autumn weather will reign over large parts of the country.

Østafjells (east of the Langfjellene mountain range), rain and wind are expected already on Wednesday night.

A yellow warning has been issued for gusts of wind from Thursday morning in Agder, Vestfold, Telemark, Oslo, and Viken.

“There can be gusts of up to 25 meters per second in coastal areas and 20 meters per second in inland areas. There will also be some precipitation,” Borander noted.

A yellow danger warning has been issued in Innlandet county from Wednesday to Thursday evening, where up to 40 millimeters of rain is expected in 24 hours.

Even though a danger warning hasn’t been issued, there will also be extra wind and precipitation in Trøndelag and Western Norway.

On the coast, wind and some precipitation are expected in Western Norway.

“It will not be too bad compared to what westerners are used to, but at least 30-40 millimeters of rain will fall in 24 hours,” the meteorologist warned.

It will also be a bit wet in Trøndelag, with between 10 and 15 millimeters of precipitation.

A cool start to the autumn holidays

In Agder, Oslo, and Viken, the school’s autumn holiday begins this weekend.

The weather in Southern Norway will be a little cooler than lately.

Strong winds will continue to blow along the coast of Western Norway and Trøndelag.

Windy weather is also expected Østafjells.

September has been both dry and hot in Southern Norway until now, so one should expect a change in the weather as October approaches, Borander said.

Calmer in the north

Northern Norway can expect a little calmer weather, but it will still be a bit windy on Thursday.

A “yellow” danger warning has been issued for Wednesday afternoon, and gusts of wind of 27-35 meters per second are expected for Ofoten, Lofoten, Vesterålen, and Troms.

An “orange” warning was issued for Vesterålen for Wednesday night.

“But then it will calm down a bit. There may still be gales in Nordland from the northeast on Thursday, and also on Friday.

But on Saturday and Sunday, I think it will be very calm. After that, a fresh breeze and light gales can be expected at exposed places. It will be much calmer compared to recent times,” Borander added.

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