Follow these tips to prevent Christmas lights from starting a fire

Christmas lightsPhoto: Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association has come up with some advice that should be followed for the safe use of Christmas lighting.

In order to prevent fires, here’s what one should do:

1. Thoroughly check older Christmas lights. If the wires are brittle or damaged, the Christmas lights should be replaced.

2. Turn off the Christmas lights at night or when traveling. The lights consist of many small lamps, and if one or more lamps stop working, the rest will shine with increased intensity. The lamps can then become too hot and cause Christmas decorations or other combustible material in the vicinity to catch fire.

3. Replace the lights if they give off an uneven light. If they shine at variable brightness, some of the lamps may become too hot.

4. Only use outdoor lighting that is suitable for outdoor use. Never allow the cord to run over the door sill or through the window, as it may be pinched or damaged. Use only extension cords designed for outdoor use.

5. Save power by switching to LED lighting and time control.

Source: Norwegian Fire Protection Association


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