Full anaesthesia for children at the dentist

Dentist anaesthetiaDentist. Photo: Lise Åserud / Scanpix

Health professionals respond to the trend of full anaesthesia for children at the dentist

Dentists, medical personnel, and county officials in Telemark gave warnings about figures that show that increasing numbers of children get anaesthetics during dental treatment.


‘’We are getting more squeamish. Things shouldn’t hurt anymore, and most people want treatment virtually pain-free. This is also true at the dentist Anaesthetist, Patrik Karimi, told Varden journal.

Weekly, he puts anaesthesia on patients who get dental treatment and said parents ask for full narcosis for their children.

“They are afraid that the child will feel pain. But it is much worse to take anaesthesia than to fix a tooth with cavities” said Karimi. He pointed out that while dental treatment is not fatal, one can actually die from anaesthesia.

County Counsel, Turid Kristoffersen, said it’s unfortunate that anaesthetics during dental treatment in children and adolescents have become a “simple” solution for pain avoidance.

“Anaesthesia is a serious concern for children and it is not without health risks,” said Kristoffersen.

Since 2014, anaesthesia has been given more than 200 times a year in connection with dental treatments, and doctors emphasise that many have good reasons.

“Disabled people, the elderly, and cases of neglect will, of course, be given priority, along with other acute conditions,” said Karimi.


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  1. DO NOT ! DO NOT! DO NOT ! DO THIS !. if you allow this outside of a hospital that has an intensive care unit with qualified staff I can promise you a child will die !

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