Greater acceptance of immigrants

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Greater acceptance of immigrants in Norway

The scepticism against immigrants and immigration is getting less, a survey from Statistics Norway shows.


94 per cent of respondents stated that it would not be uncomfortable if they themselves, or someone in their immediate family,  hired a  home help or had a neighbour who was an immigrant.

This is reflected in the annual survey on the attitude towards immigrants.

“A somewhat larger proportion shows scepticism with regards to getting an immigrant as a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, but this proportion is getting smaller,” says Senior Advisor Frøydis Strøm in Statistics Norway.


This year’s survey accounts for 79 per cent saying that they would not feel uncomfortable about this, an increase of four percentage points since last year. 17 per cent confirm that it would be uncomfortable, whilst 4 per cent answered: “don’t know”.

At the same time, it has become more common to have contact with immigrants at work and in the neighbourhood. This year’s survey stated that 79 per cent have contact with immigrants, compared with 67 per cent in 2002.

61 per cent say they have immigrants as part of the friendship group or acquaintance circle. This is an increase of 32 percentage points since 2002. Only since last year, the proportion has increased by 18 percentage points.

Positive attitudes

“We are also looking forward to more positive attitudes towards immigrants in the workplace. Nine out of ten agree with the claim that immigrants should have the same opportunity for work as Norwegians,” says Strøm.

The survey, however, catches up some more critical attitudes towards immigrants and the use of welfare systems and crime. While one in four agrees fully with the claim that immigrants often abuse our social welfare systems, six out of ten partially or wholly disagrees with that.

49 per cent believe that immigrants should strive to become as Norwegians as possible, while the remaining half disagree partially or wholly with this.


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