Growing number of errors found in online medical records

health workerHealth worker.Photo:Heiko Junge / SCANPIX

So far, 126 people found misstatements in their online core journals. Essentially, this was due to human error.

According to NRK news, 600,000 people have so far had their medical records set online, and 200,000 of these have also seen their treatment history. The Directorate for e-health reported that it has confirmed 126 complaints so far.

‘Fundamentally, there are those who report on individual data, who are responsible for what they report, but the Directorate for e-Health has overall responsibility for core journals’, said Departmental Head, Rune Røren, of the Directorate for e-health.

The Norwegian Patient Organization encourages everyone to go and check whether the information in the register is correct.

‘The Norwegian Patient Organization does not have much experience with core records, but we’ve received some inquiries from people who have been upset over incorrect information, or that what it says is misleading.

These people have had degrading experiences, and it may give adverse influence to their health management, perhaps in psychiatry especially’, said General Secretary, Tove Hanche-Olsen, who emphasized that there were also a lot of positive results from the new system.

All residents in Norway, with the exception of around 4,500 people who have opted out, have, from March the 1st, had created a core online journal. It doesn’t replace records from the GP or hospital, but gathers important information about people’s health in one place.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today