Half that receive social assistance are refugees or immigrants

NAV,NAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media

Half of those receiving social assistance are refugees or immigrants, reports NAV in their report “Poverty and living conditions in Norway”.


“Should Norway have a sustainable immigration and integration policy, we must succeed better than what we have done so far,” says Jan Tore Sanner (H), Knowledge and Integration Minister for Our Country.

Since Sanner received a new post in the government, he traveled the country to check what needs to be addressed.

“In some municipalities, eight out of ten will continue on to education and work, while in other municipalities only one in three,” he says and commends the mayors and local elected representatives with the following greetings:

“We will make much tougher demands on the results the municipalities achieve. Today there is a requirement for a certain number of hours of Norwegian language teaching, but it is not a requirement that you actually learn Norwegian. We will change this. We will go from measuring numbers in hours to demanding results,” he says.

Before the end of this year, Sanner will present the government’s new integration strategy.

According to Statistics Norway, labor immigrants are in the long run are competing with refugees in the labor market.


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