Here are Norway’s most popular Google searches of 2020

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Google has released its 2020 Year in Search report for each country. This is the data for Norway.

What was did Norway’s inhabitants search most in 2020? Some of the answers are obvious (read: coronavirus-related), but others may surprise you.

Norway’s most-searched terms

1) Koronavirus
2) USA-valget [US election]
3) Joe Biden
4) FHI [the Norwegian Institute of Public Health]
5) Corona symptomer [corona symptoms]
6) Munnbind [facemask]
7) Førstegangstjenesten [a Norwegian comedy TV series]
8) Kobe Bryant
9) iPhone 12
10) Coronavirus Norge [coronavirus Norway]

Norway’s most-searched people

1) Joe Biden
2) Kobe Bryant
3) Kim Jong Un
4) Kamala Harris
5) George Floyd
6) Angelina Jordan
7) Jahn Teigen
8) Arnfinn Nesset
9) Naya Rivera
10) Ari Behn

Norway’s most-searched recipes

1) Pinnebrød [Norwegian bread made over a fire]
2) Bananbrød [banana bread]
3) Tiramisu
4) Vårruller [spring rolls]
5) Havrekjeks [Norwegian oat cookies]
6) Lasagne
7) Sveler [Norwegian batter-based cake]
8) Trollkrem [a whipped Norwegian dessert made with berries, sugar, and egg whites]
9) Cookies
10) Arme riddere [French toast]

Norway’s most-searched entertainment

1) Førstegangstjenesten
2) Among Us
3) Maskorama
4) Normal People
5) Sommerbilen
6) Tiger King
7) Et sted å høre til
8) Valorant
9) Fall Guys
10) Ragnarok

Norway’s most-searched ‘whats’

1) Hva er pandemi [what is a pandemic]
2) Hva er et virus [what is a virus]
3) Hva er SIAN [what is SIAN, a group called Stop Islamization of Norway]
4) Hva er coronavirus [what is coronavirus]
5) Hva er valgmenn [what are electors]
6) Hva skriver man på konfirmasjonskort [what do you write on a confirmation card]
7) Hva er globalisering [what is globalization]
8) Hva er vaping [what is vaping]
9) Hva betyr simp [what does simp mean]
10) Hva er epidemi [what is an epidemic]

Norway’s most-searched ‘hows’

1) Hvordan smitter coronaviruset [how is coronavirus transmitted]
2) Hvordan kjøpe aksjer [how to buy shares]
3) Hvordan bruke munnbind [how to wear a facemask]
4) Hvordan slette Instagram-konto [how to delete an Instagram account]
5) Hvordan regne ut feriepenger [how to calculate holiday pay]
6) Hvordan oppsto coronaviruset [how the coronavirus originated]
7) Hvordan permittere ansatte [how to lay off employees]
8) Hvordan klippe håret selv [how to cut hair yourself]
9) Hvordan teste seg for korona [how to test for corona]
10) Hvordan skrive søknad [how to write an application]

Source: Norway Today


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