High demand for physiotherapists

Physiotherapists have reopenedPhysiotherapists have reopened.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Physiotherapist Frank Tore Jacobsen in Oslo has noticed a great deal of patient demand after he and other physiotherapists were able to open their doors again on Monday.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors were among the occupational groups who were required to close their business on March 15.

The first day back at work was fast-paced, said physiotherapist Frank Tore Jacobsen at Klinikk for Alle at Majorstuen in Oslo.

“The most precarious patients and the most eager have set up today and the next days,“ Jacobsen told NTB.

Contact with patients on the phone and video has not been the same as treatment at the clinic.

“Part of what we do is to be close to the patient and treat them one-on-one. It is not always that only good advice is needed, we must have a combination,” he explained.

The coronavirus crisis has had an impact on patients both positively and negatively.

Jacobsen related how a boy managed to rid himself of most of his ailments because football training has been cancelled. However, the combination of working from home office and less training has created physical issues for others.

He is not afraid of getting infected but feels that there is a risk of being at work.

“We meet many people who have been in contact with others. At the same time, this a risk I am willing to take. Many need our help. I feel safe because of the infection control measures that have been implemented,” he explained.

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