Higher life expectancy in Norway

Old woman.

Life expectancy at birth here in Norway has never been higher than in 2018. For boys it was 81 years, for girls, 84.5 years reported Statistics Norway (SSB).

The increase from the previous year was 0.21 years for women and 0.09 years for men. The difference between women and men’s life expectancy has almost halved since the 1980s and is now down 3.5 years.

The number of deaths in Norway has been stable over the past four years. 40,840 people died in 2018, 66 more than in 2017 show new figures from SSB. 214 people before the age of 18 and just over half in
this group died during the first year of life.

Throughout most of their lives, women have a lower probability of death than their peers.

Up to and including 67 years, it’s mostly men, at all ages, but then the women take over, and when 90 years have passed, there are at least twice as many women as men still alive.

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