Hot online for erotic articles in July

Man and woman in bed.Man and woman in bed.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Online sales of erotic products such as sex toys, oils and erotic clothing increased by 39 percent in July compared to the first five months of the year.

Figures from more than 7,000 Norwegian online stores that use Klarna’s payment solutions, show which categories have had the greatest growth this summer in June and July compared with the first five months of the year.

The absolute winner was erotic products, which increased by 39 percent in July compared to the average sales index from January to May.

Both sexes eager
Men and women have been about as eager to shop for erotic articles, and it is popular in all age groups over 18 years.

– Compared to the average, it has been extra popular to buy sex toys and erotic products in the Inland, Møre og Romsdal and Vestfold and Telemark. Other counties are around the average, with the exception of Oslo. There they have spent a smaller share of their total online shopping in this category during the summer months. It is possible that the metropolitan environment in Oslo makes many consumers feel it is less embarrassing to shop this type of product in physical stores, says marketing director Thomas Elvestad in Klarna to NTB.

Due to Klarna’s financial reporting, the company cannot provide information on how large the volume is, whether much more has been sold than last year or on how large a share of the online trade in erotic products.

– However, we can confirm that erotic articles are a relatively small e-commerce category overall, Klarna states.

Increased condom consumption
Increased online sales of sex-related products were also documented early in the Corona period, something noticed.

As early as 1 April, communications director Louise Fuchs was able to report more than a doubling of online sales for condoms and pregnancy tests to Norwegians in home quarantine. After the statement to the site, she then had to assure TV 2 that it was not an April Fool’s joke. Sales were strong in March and April.

– We also had a strong sales growth for these goods in parts of May, but it normalized in the last half of the month and in June. In July, sales fell slightly compared with in, before rising again.

It has been difficult to explain the sales growth: Whether people enjoy themselves more than usual at home, whether it is because there is now a need to buy goods online that you otherwise buy abroad or in a store, or whether it is because you hoard a little for fear that it would run empty.

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