Housing companies could ban smoking on balconies

smokingSmoking.Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / Scanpix

Smoking on balconies can often be a source of disagreement among housing teams, but according to Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association, actual housing corporations could completely ban it.


The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF)often receive inquiries regarding smoking in neighbourhood and housing associations.

According to adviser in law and politics at NAAF, Hogne Skogesal, the board of housing companies could ban smoking on the balcony totally.

’The board should firstly realise that balconies and terraces are generally regarded as common areas.There are exceptions, but it is definitely the most widely used
solution.Many people think that this is private property,but in the vast majority of cases, only one has the exclusive right to use the outdoor area,’’ said Skogesal.

Frustrated neighbours who complain to the board are often asked to take it up face to face and to try to solve it that way. Skogesal believes it is important that the board makes a correct assessment on the matter.

“There are clearly cases where the problem is exaggerated,but if the tobacco smoke is a real issue for others, then this is something government both can and should attack as a violation of both the law, and any rules of order,” said Skogesal.


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