Immediate measures against child poverty

Child poverty footballChild with football. Photo: Pixabay

Twelve organizations call for immediate measures against child poverty

The Cooperation Forum against poverty requires an increase in child allowance, improved social benefit plans and more adaptation in the housing policy.


The Forum consists of twelve nationwide organizations representing everything from renters and sole supporters to addicts and former convicts. Recently, they launched “1 out of 10 children” to raise awareness on various measures to reduce child poverty, writes the newspaper Klassekampen.

Child benefits have not been price regulated since 1996. According to researchers, it is one of the main reasons that the number of children growing up in poor families has increased.

Among the requirements of the campaign is also a social benefit at Consumption Research Norway (SIFO) level, ie calculated from the SIFO reference budget for general spending on different types of households. The budget primarily includes basic products such as food, clothing and hygiene items.

Spokesman for the campaign, Johan Lothe, believes the lack of ability to address child poverty is a cross-political problem, but is not impressed with the Government’s strategy for children living in poverty.

What is really needed is economic predictability and opportunities to acquire a suitable home, says Lothe.


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