Improve the worst day for the dog

Dog New Year's Eve FireworksDogs can experience anxiety on New Year's Eve due to loud bangs and partirs. Photo:

Improve the worst day for the dog

Fireworks, loud bangs and partying make New Year’s Eve a nightmare for many dogs. But it can be improved a bundle if you spend time getting the dog used to loud sounds ahead of time.


Fireworks with loud bangs can be a tough affair for animal owners because it can trigger fear and havoc in the four-legged family member. They have better hearing than us humans, and it is a natural reaction when they are scared by loud and acute noises.

The insurance company If encourages dog owners to practice before the New Year celebration.

– There are both audio tracks, Youtube videos and fireworks apps. Begin playback at a low volume and then gradually increase it. The earlier you start, the better prepared your dog will be for the big day, Animal Care Manager for Animal Insurance in If, Kine Bjølsen Opstad explains.

A good start to the New Year

Although it is a bit late to start the training now, it’s still better late than never.

By exposing the dog to the sounds over time, it will hopefully be more relaxed during the fireworks show. Opstad believes that much of the key to succeeding with the training is that you radiate calm.

It is important that you stay with the dog all the time, and is acting safely and calmly. Show that you are not afraid, and if the dog becomes restless, you can try to divert it with toys or treats.

Give the dog plenty of time to get used to the sounds and watch the dog’s reactions before increasing the volume of the playback.

It is counter-productive to increase the sound if the dog is panting, barking, uneasy, or showing other signs of fear.

First celebration with a puppy?

If you’ve just got a dog in the household, it might be good to know that dogs born just before New Year’s Eve are less likely to be intimidated by loud noises. this emerges in a study conducted by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

– No matter when in the year your dog is born it is wise to start with this type of training already as a puppy. If the dog first gets a bad experience at New Year’s Eve, it can be harder to calm them down at a later stage, so make sure that the first New Year’s Eve’s are pleasant experiences for the dog, Opstad urges.

Tips for the big occasion

On New Year’s Eve itself, there are also things you can do to make the evening more comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Here follows the advice from If insurance:

  • Make the dog tired and walk it well before the celebration so it is more relaxed in the evening. But remember to use the leash throughout the day in case there are any premature fireworks that can scare it off.
  • Let the dog be a place it feels safe when the evening comes, such as in a favourite corner, a dog cage, or similar.
  • Be with the dog at all times and act safely and calmly.
  • If the dog becomes very scared, you can try to divert its attention with toys and treats.
  • Have a TV or radio turned on to achieve a more even noise level, and close the curtains if the dog is scared.
  • There are several remedies that allegedly soothe the dog, including the thunder-shirt. This is a printed shirt presumed to relieve anxiety and help the animal relax. Pheromone fragrance or other sprays supposedly also have a calming effect. This can be purchased at pet stores or at a veterinarian.

Some dogs can become extremely anxious and become so afraid that they hurt themselves. If you are afraid that this may happen to your dog, you should consult a veterinarian well ahead of New Year’s Eve.


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