Increased differences in mortality rates among Norwegian women

Increased differences in mortality among Norwegian womenAshtray. Photo

Women with high education live longer than women with lower education, and several countries are trying to do something about this. Norway is one of the countries in a new study that do not succeed in reducing the differences.

A recent European survey published in the research journal British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows that while other countries have reduced the differences,  the difference between educational groups is increasing in the two countries: Norway and Finland. The mortality rate of highly educated Norwegian women was and still is at the same level  as women in other countries. But Norwegian with little education can’t keep ut woman in other countries, who  have better health and lower mortality rates.

Smoking is undoubtedly   the main cause of the high difference in mortality among Norwegian women, “ researcher Ben Heine beach at the public health Institute said to the NTB news agency.
The study is the largest of its kind and shows changes from 1990 to 2009. The countries with the least differences in mortality rates between women of different educational levels were Spain, Scotland, England/Wales and Italy. In Norway, however, the gap between the groups has  increased with 20 percent.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today