Influenza Outbreak Reaching Near-Peak Levels


The winter flu outbreak seems to have peaked in the first week of the year. However, monitoring data from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health shows a slight decline in breakouts during the second week.


“The monitoring from week 2 shows that the incidence of flu-like disease in the country is on a medium level. Nevertheless, more influenza outbreaks are expected in the weeks to come,” according to the Public Health Institute.
The laboratory confirmed flu incidences increased markedly during the first week of the year but did not increase further on the second. Current findings on the outbreaks are comparable to the peak of last season’s, but the proportion is lower than last years.
“It is still recommended to get vaccinated as the virus will still be in circulation for the upcoming months,” the department said.
There are still flu outbreaks in all the county’s counties. Thirteen counties have medium flu activity, while the other remaining counties have low activity.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today