Kids and revocation of citizenship

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

Many people wonder why children who have grown up in Norway can get their citizenship revoked because their parents lied about their identity when they came to the country.

The right follows the parents

The child’s situation is always assessed separately, but is according to the Citizenship Act, revocable if the parents have lied about their background.

Residency based on circumstances

The general rule is that a citizenship achieved on false premises, will be revoked. But that does not preclude that kids can apply for a residence permit for other reasons, if the conditions are met and they are not expelled, this also applies to parents who are not expelled. They must then restart their efforts to acquire rights to stay in Norway. The UDI are required to inform how to reapply, based on correct information about identity.

The child’s situation of importance

It will be assessed whether a person can stay in Norway and seek new temporary residence permit. In cases where minor children have strong ties to Norway a person may be stripped of Norwegian citizenship, but not expelled, and can get a new permit to stay with the kids providing proper identity papers.

Departure date is not expulsion

All expulsion decisions have a deadline, but are not absolute. If complaints are filed to UNE, the subject can remain in Norway while complaint is being reviewed. Those entitled to apply for a residence permit on a new basis, can stay in Norway while the application is processed

Notification is not revocation

UDI gives notice of revocation of citizenship in a number of cases. But make no final decision on all of these cases. Advance notice is given so that the person concerned is able to refute the allegations and come with information that can further enlighten the matter. There are several reasons for dropping a case, for example, after assessment of new documentation or other conditions.

Requirement of new information

All processing of citizen affairs are treated very thoroughly by the UDI. For them to open a case of revocation, they will require new information before making or changing decisions concerning citizenship. New information can also change the importance of older stuff.


Source: UDI / Norway Today