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Lack of fire safety at serving places in Oslo

Deep Fryer Fire SafetyDeep Fryer. Photo:


Lack of fire safety at serving places in Oslo

Oslo Fire and Rescue Service have checked fire safety at 345 places in Oslo. One in three who has deep fryers has major shortcomings.


Common to many of these serving places that are checked is that they cook using fryers. If the frying oil gets too high, it can self-ignite, writes Dagsavisen.

– Of the places we checked there were 212 places that did not use fryers for cooking. Of those who used one, there were 20 who did not have extinguishers at all, and 24 that only had manual extinguishing equipment available. 89 had automatic fire extinguishing equipment according to the regulations, says Fire Engineer Astrid Rydholt in the agency.

Many of these dining places are located in old block of flats, which are built at a time with very different fire regulations than today.

Figures from the Oslo municipality show that there are around 3,500 old buildings in Oslo that have inadequate fire safety.

The agency wants the board or owner of the buildings to investigate what kind of risk they have, and then take it up with the tenants.

– Our prayer is that everyone goes out and checks that the fire alarm system works, that the escape routes are marked and clear, and that those who have deep fryers have automatic fire extinguishing equipment, says Astrid Rydholt.


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