Large weather contrasts: Tropical heat in the south and snow-white peaks in the north of Norway

NærøyfjordThe breathtaking UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord. Photo: Meric Dagli / Unsplash

This weekend there will be great weather contrasts in Norway. While Northern Norway will have to settle for stiff gales in some places, Southern Norway can look forward to good bathing temperatures.

On Thursday, 5 degrees were reported at North Cape (Nordkapp), while it was 25 degrees in Oslo. There is a temperature difference of as much as 20 degrees, and over the weekend, the weather contrasts between Northern Norway and Southern Norway will persist.

“The weather, in a way, divides the country in two. In Northern Norway, wind and cloudy weather and periods of rain are on the agenda, and on the highest mountain peaks, we have seen that the snow has come as low as 800 meters,” meteorologist Martin Granerød at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

On Wednesday, seven centimeters of snow were measured at E6 Gratangsfjellet, north of Narvik. There is also a warning of a strong gale in parts of Northern Norway. People planning a boat or kayak trip are advised to follow the weather reports along the coast.

Southern Norway – the big weather winner

The fine weather continues in Southern and Eastern Norway throughout the week, where many can look forward to bathing days on the beach and the smell of sunscreen.

“The temperatures will be around 25 degrees, and at the warmest, it will rise to 28 degrees,” Granerød said.

“If I have to choose a weather winner, it is east of the mountains (østafjells) that will be the best, but Western Norway will also be quite nice.”

The weather will be slightly cloudy, and the meteorologist does not rule out that parts of Southern Norway may be as warm as 30 degrees this weekend.

Good bathing temperatures

Bathing beaches and lakes in Eastern Norway have been visited by bathing Norwegians in recent weeks. The weekend will probably not be an exception.

“It will be up to 22-23 degrees in the Oslo Fjord and along the Skagerrak coast, and good bathing temperatures,” the meteorologist stated.

“In Western Norway, it will be somewhat cooler with 17-18 degrees in the sea, but this can vary from place to place.

“Locally, there may be higher temperatures in water and bays that are a bit hidden from the open sea,” Granerød said.

Weather change on Sunday

Next week, it is likely that the fine weather will turn northwards, and rain and precipitation are expected in the south and east of Norway, which have been affected by tropical temperatures.

“It is probably time for Northern Norway to get some good weather. Yesterday in Tromsø was one of the coldest July 20 days ever recorded by the Meteorological Institute. It has been cold there for a long time,” Granerød added.

Parts of Troms and Finnmark can expect up to 20 degrees next week.

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