Littering in municipalities to be mapped

Littering Norway Hold Norge RentCourse in mapping of littering led by Keep Sweden Clean. Photo: Keep Norway Clean

Littering in Norwegian municipalities to be mapped

 The knowledge of waste gone astray is very low in Norway. The overview of the Norwegian trash situation is incomplete, and many municipalities lack insight into the local situation. Hold Norge Rent (Keep Norway Clean) is developing a tool for municipalities seeking more knowledge about the local littering situation.


Together with Statistics Norway and the Kristiansand municipality, with support from Plastretur’s (Plastic Recycling) environmental project, Hold Norge Rent is conducting a pilot project on the mapping of littering in Norwegian municipalities.

– Many Norwegian municipalities, unfortunately, have little knowledge of their own garbage situation and put in place measures against littering without knowing the sources and causes of it in their municipality, says General Manager in Hold Norge Rent, Lise Gulbransen.

Tailor-made solutions

In Denmark and Sweden, as well as in a number of other European countries, the situation is quite different. Here, tailor-made methods for mapping and monitoring of waste are used, and the knowledge forms the basis for the effort against littering.

As the first municipality in Norway, Kristiansand will map its own trash situation by using a systematic mapping method. The method provides unique insights into the extent of, as well as the sources and causes of littering. And on the basis of this knowledge, the municipality can identify possible solutions and put in place targeted and effective measures.

Several Municipalities

– For the Kristiansand municipality, efforts against littering are important, and we are very pleased to contribute to the development of a tool that can assist Norwegian municipalities in this work, says Climate and Environmental Advisor in Kristiansand, Solvor Stølevik.

The Karmøy, Ålesund and Nordkapp municipalities have also contributed to the project, which will reach its goal by the end of 2018.

– The aim is to make the tool available to all Norwegian municipalities by the end of 2019, says Gulbransen.


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