Low trust among Norwegians on people following infection measures

Test station for Covid - 19 in OsloTest station for Covid - 19 in Oslo.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

65 percent answered that they do not trust that most people in Norway follow the advisory for avoiding Corona infections, according to the Norwegian Corona Monitor. Concerns about the infection are increasing.

Only 16 percent trust that most people will follow the advisory, according to Opinion, who conducted the survey. 

The proportion of people who do not have confidence has increased by 12 percent from July and 36 percent from May. 

56,000 Norwegians have been asked if they are worried about being infected. In recent days, 46 percent state that they are worried, this is an increase of 7 percent from the record breaking month of March. 26 percent are not worried. 

The level of concern has never been higher than now. 

10,000 Norwegians have been asked whether they are positive or negative about wearing a face mask. In the last week, 55 percent answered that they are positive while 18 percent were negative.

There has been an increase throughout August among those who answer that they are just as aware of washing their hands and keeping their distance as before in the pandemic. This applies when eight out of ten Norwegians, or 78 percent, is an increase of 10 percent from July.

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