Action leader Lyngby got her license back

Action leader Lyngby, Oslo- We want to have the police on our side. I am adamant that we follow laws and regulations when we demonstrate against increased tolls, says Cecilie Lyngby. Photo: Private

Action leader Lyngby got her license returned

Last week, action leader Cecilie Lyngby lost her driver’s license during a drive-slow action on the European Route 6 towards Oslo. The action is part of the nation-wide protests against the toll walls that have been built in and around many cities in Norway. Now she gets her driver’s license back.


This she confirms in a text to Dagsavisen on Tuesday evening.

During the action Thursday last week, the police had to intervene because the drive-slow action prevented an ambulance from coming through, according to them. The ambulance service is of a different opinion.

Approximately 700 vehicles participated in the campaign against the additional toll stations being erected in 2019, which will increase the cost of driving a car in urban areas considerably. This ostensibly to reduce emissions in line with the Paris accord.

According to permission

The plan was to stay in the right lane, which we did, the action naturally created long queues on the European route 6 and the outer ring road in Oslo. This led to the police unjustly stopping action leader Cecilie Lyngby. She was called in for questioning by the police, was indicted and got her driver’s license suspended.

– I cannot be held responsible for people misbehaving behind me. We had clearly informed in advance that we should not create any dangerous situations and that we should let ambulances and other emergency vehicles pass unhindered. But when there are so many who attend, there are always some idiots that don’t comply, Lyngby told Dagsavisen last week. It later became apparent that an ambulance was obstructed by a driver who was inattentive and not even participating in the action.

Mainstream media has, as with most coverage of the ongoing demonstrations, parroted the version provided by the police and politicians.

The police have not explained why the license was returned.


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  1. Good to hear she got her license back. Hope she will follow every rules and regulation on future 🙂

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