Majority for tolls to pay for public transport

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Majority for using tolls to finance public transport in Bergen

For the first time ever, there are now more inhabitants of Bergen who say yes than no to that tolls should be used for enhancing public transport.


Until now, those who think tolls should only be used to finance road projects have been the majority, but in a survey conducted on behalf of Bergens Tidende, this has turned tipsy-turvy. How many are for or against tolls in the Hansa City, was not part of the survey.

48 per cent say that they believe the money can also be used to improve the public offer. Although that does not constitute an absolute majority, it is more than the 44 per cent who are convinced that the money should be reserved for enhancements of roads.

– That’s great, is the immediate reaction of Anna Elisa Tryti (Labour), who is the City Councillor for Environment and Development in the Capital of Western Norway, as they like to call themselves.

– This shows that the Bergensians understand that tolls are necessary, if not desired instrument, as long as the Government does not provide us with any alternatives, she exclaims.

9 per cent of participants in the survey responds «undecided» On the question of whether or not road tolls can be spent on bus and tram. That the three categories put together exceed 100 per cent, is due to rounding off.

The survey is conducted by Respons Analysis where a representative sample of 600 of the residents participates. The last time the newspaper asked the same question 50 per cent of those asked were in the «roads only» camp, while 39 per cent were in the «Winnie-the-Pooh» category. At that time, 11 per cent were in the «Gee, blasted if I know»  group.


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