Male nurses more prone to harassment

NursesNurses.Photo: Pixabay

Twice as many of male nurses – compared with female – state to have been exposed to sexual harassment, a new survey reveals.


Over 20,000 members of the Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF) have responded to the email survey, which was carried out by the newspaper Sykepleien, writes Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå (ANB).

2.8 percent of female nurses report that they have been victims of sexual harassment or abuse from colleagues, managers or other employees over the past twelve months. Among the men: 5.5 percent agree to the same treatment.

“The extent of harassment against male nurses is greater than I thought,” said NSF leader Eli Gunhild By. While 88.7 percent of women say a man was behind the harassment they experienced, 77.2 percent of men say that a woman was behind the harassment.

While 22.1 percent of the women who were subjected to harassment say someone was notified of the incident, only 12.6 percent of men responded with the same action.

By points out that every employer has a proper working environment.

– “This also includes protection against harassment in all forms. Employers are responsible for both preventing and dealing with harassment, in addition to following up on those who have been exposed to this type of treatment,” she says.

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