NHO postpones lockout of nurses

NHONHO. Photo: Næringslivets hus / Pixabay.com

NHO postpones lockout of nurses till Wednesday

The Organisation of Norwegian Businesses (NHO) has issued a walkout that encompasses the leaders. At the same time, they postpone the announced lockout until Wednesday. The Norwegian Nursing Association cancel their boycott as a result.


– We note that the Nursing Association believes that our notification of a lockout is invalid as it does not include managers. In order to avoid more uncertainty surrounding the lockout, we have now issued an altered walkout that includes managers, Chief Negotiator in NHO, Rolf Negård, informs.

The Nursing Association informed the National Negotiator on Friday that the nurses who are not on strike will ignore NHO’s lockout notice. They feel that the notice does not meet the requirements stipulated in the law. This because there was no information regarding who are affected by the lockout.

Cancels boycott

– This is part of the series of events in this conflict which unfortunately paints a picture of an unprofessional counterparty, says Federation Leader Eli Gunhild By.

By further reacts to that NHO has chosen to leak confidential information that has emerged during the mediation. This she considers constitutes a criminal liability.

If NHO wishes to maintain the lockout notice, they must reissue the alert in accordance with applicable requirements, according to the Nursing Association. This NHO thus complies to.

Leader for the Nursing Association in Nordland, Gjertrud Krokaa, tells NRK that the Federation cancels the boycott.

Life and health

Eli Gunhild By has previously stated that the notified lockout disregards life and health.

– This is both dramatic and serious. For the first time in history, there has been announced a lockout in the Norwegian health sector. We have had a legal strike for three weeks and have not received a single dispensation application. We know that there are health services that have submitted applications for dispensation to NHO, but it has stopped there and has not been forwarded to us, By fumes to NTB.

NHO Service and Trade announces a lockout as of November 20th. This means that a total of 500 nurses are barred from attending work next Tuesday.

Impossible demands

Managing Director in NHO Service and Trade, Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn, informs that she hopes that the lockout will help end the strike.

– The Nursing Association has some demands that they know we will not be able to meet, including copying the municipal tariffs system and their guarantee rates, she tells NTB.

A total of 55 nurses at patient hospitals and rehabilitation institutions are on strike since October 25th. Following the aborted mediation between the Norwegian Nursing Association and NHO Service and Trade. The strike has thus lasted for three weeks.


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