Man diagnosed with bacterial infection

Water temperatureWater temperature.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

An elderly man has been hospitalised with a severe infection flesh-eating bacterium after he swam in Kristiansand.


According to municipal councillor, Dagfinn Haarr, in Kristiansand, the man tested positive for vibrio infection.

‘’The risk of infection is not over. If you become seriously ill after swimming, seek medical attention immediately,’’ said the doctor to Fædrelandsvennen journal.

He didn’t want to indicate where in Kristiansand the man was bathing when he was infected.

‘’We can not answer.I will try to be a bit discreet for once,” Haarr said.

Vibriobacteria is carnivorous and found mostly in tropical regions, but the summer’s
high temperatures have pulled them northward.The bacteria occur especially in brackish water and saline, and older people are most prone to infection.

In addition to the older man, six cases of vibrio infection have been registered during the summer heat in Norway this year. The people were infected by swimming in the Oslo Fjord. In addition, in summer, more mild cases of sores and ear infections have been reported from the Oslo Fjord and the coasts of Telemark and Sørlandet.


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