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Many cancer patients are not offered relief treatment

Hospital, cancer patientsHospital, cancer patients. Photo:


Many incurably sick cancer patients are not offered relief therapy shows a new doctoral degree from the Cancer Registry.


Nearly four out of ten cancer patients need mild treatment, but according to NRK news, the study shows that the offer varies considerably from county to county.

“On a national basis, it may mean that there are more than 800 patients each year who do not get any help they could benefit from,” said the doctor and fellow at the Cancer Registry, Linn Merete Åsli, to the TV channel.

The study includes data from 25,000 patients who died from cancer in Norway in the period July 2009 to December 2011. It also shows that the likelihood of getting this type of treatment is greatest if you are young and have a high income.

“We think that they are increasingly asking what treatment options are available,” says Åsli.

Norway has nine radiation centres where radiation treatment is given,but senior doctors call for more.

“We want the best for those who are in the final phase of life so that they get the best possible quality of life. It’s important and we must do what we can, even if it costs more,” says Åsli.


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