Many Norwegians are concerned about older family members due to corona

Old peoplePhoto: Georg Arthur Pflueger / Unsplash

The Norwegian population is worried about the elderly who are alone or affected by the strict restrictions on visits to nursing homes due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“There is cause for concern when so many people report that they are worried about the elderly in their families.

We fear that the needs of those who have no close relatives are not being met, nor are they able to report it,” Annelise Flor, senior advisor to the Red Cross, noted

Increasing concerns

In a survey, 55% said they were concerned that the elderly in their family have become more lonely as a result of the coronavirus situation.

The concern has increased since June when a similar survey was conducted.

“Everyone has a basic need for social contact with other people. Older people who cannot go out and who become more passive as a result of the pandemic risk seeing their physical and mental health deteriorate more rapidly” Flor said.

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