Many want the flu vaccine – the stocks are empty

VaccinationVaccination.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Pharmacist1 says their wholesaler has run out of the flu vaccine. There is a huge demand for the vaccine throughout Europe.


Influenza season is not yet at its peak, but the Public Health Institute (FHI) sees a slight increase in the number of these infectious cases. Nevertheless, Norway’s largest pharmacy chain informs NRK that their wholesaler has already run out.

“We are working on getting vials from abroad. They are expected shortly,” says communications manager Kjersti Solberg Ofstad in Apotek 1.

The chain has ordered 30 percent more than last year, and Ofstad says the wholesaler tells of great pressure throughout Europe.

Boots also state that there have been some challenges with the deliveries and that “availability may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.”

FHI says they have enough vaccines in stock for vulnerable groups, but it can be empty for a few days between deliveries. The vaccine which is primarily recommended for vulnerable groups who are at risk of serious illness or death if they contract the flu and to people who can infect particularly vulnerable patients.

“The stock of vaccines for people outside these groups is now starting to get low, even in pharmacies,” says senior adviser Kjersti Rydland in the FHI influenza department.

There are 100,000 more vaccinations registered than at the same time last year, which may be due to last year’s outbreak being prolonged and extensive.


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