Married and rich live longer

Swedish statistics show that married people on average live longer than widows, widowers, divorced, and those who have never been married. In addition, income and education make huge differences.

Sweden of Statistics (SCB) has compared the age of those who died in the years 1986-1988 and in 2012-2014. In the first period, the women averaged barely 84 years old when they died, while this had increased to just over 86 years in the second period. For men, the figure had increased from 80 to almost 84 years.

The average age of married has increased from 85 to 88 for women and from roughly 81 to 85 years among men. According to SCB, a possible explanation is that those who are married have larger social networks. Moreover, diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle contribute to one remaining unmarried, according to the agency.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today