Massive variation in kindergarten quality

kindergarten core-timeChildren attending Kindergarten. Photo: Pixabay

Massive variation in the quality of Norwegian kindergartens

There is great variation in the quality of Norwegian kindergartens.

Among other things, more people employed improves their safety according to a comprehensive survey.

Safety and hygiene are among the areas that more kindergartens should improve on. This is shown in results from the research project, Good Kindergartens for Children in Norway (GoBaN), which has followed over 1,200 children between 2013 and 2018.

Researchers looked at the quality of kindergartens in Norway, and what characterises kindergartens that are good for children’s well-being and development. The main findings of the project will be presented on Monday.

Kindergartens must take control

The Minister for Knowledge and Integration, Jan-Tore Sanner ofKøyre (H) expects kindergartens to improve the offer now. This
applies in particular to the challenges of hygiene and safety, as well as access to material, interaction, and language.

“Several of the problems can be solved with local and affordable solutions, such as better hand washing procedures and sleep supervision. It is also important that kindergarten teacher’s education provides the educators with sufficient competence,’’ said Sanner.

White Paper

The results of the research will be used as a basis for parliament’s report on early efforts and inclusive communities in kindergartens and schools, which the government will submit in the autumn.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Research in 2011, when Kristin Halvorsen of the Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) was Minister of Knowledge. The Research Council has financed the project to the tune of NOK 20 million.

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