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Midwives warn parents of new-borns of mobile use



Midwives warn parents of new-borns of mobile use

Midwives fear that mobile use among parents may ruin the bonding with the child. «Not everybody understands the importance of eye contact.»


“Most people realize that they should put away the mobile phone and «be there in the moment,» just as we advise them to be. – But there will always be some who lets the phone quite literally come between themselves and the newborn baby, says Kristin Holanger to Aftenposten. She is the unit manager at the maternity ward at Rikshospitalet (OUS).

Holanger explains that when the child is newborn, it is looking for a eye contact with the parents from the very first moment. If the child constantly experiences a turned away face, such as someone staring down on the mobile screen, the child eventually gives up and gets an apathetic expression.

– We recommend that they enjoy the first hours together with their baby without disturbing elements.

Also, Kristi Hjelle, who until this spring was in charge of the maternity ward at OUS, emphasizes this.

– The important connection between mother and child must not be destroyed by mobile use. We are trying to explain this, but not everyone understands fully the importance of eye contact.

Holanger adds that parents of new-borns must also be conscious of their mobile usage after the stay at the maternity ward, throughout the infancy and toddler period.


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