More than 50,000 cancer screenings postponed

RadiumhospitaletRadiumhospitalet in Oslo.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Figures from the Cancer Registry show that more than 50,000 screening examinations have not been conducted since March 15 due to the corona pandemic, reports VG.

The outbreak of the virus has caused the mammography program to stop, and reminders have not been sent out by either the cervical or the intestinal screening programs to book an appointment with a doctor, according to the newspaper.

In the mammography program, 15,000 examinations are done monthly, and about 40,000 samples are taken per month in connection with the cervical program.

The various cancer screening programs should detect the disease at an early stage.

Earlier this week, the regional health authorities and the Directorate of Health gave a clear signal to start activity again, but after many weeks of pause there is a considerable lag.

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1 Comment on "More than 50,000 cancer screenings postponed"

  1. old and wise and educated | 24. May 2020 at 11:58 | Reply

    vertical thinkers cant multi-task –or balance priorities

    There are sufficient resources for the usual protocols to have been maintained–..whilst a completely different department is involved with the Corona virus issue.

    Time is crucial in the management of cancer issues–any delays directly impact on the prognosis.

    Lateral damage by default…equals hidden Corona virus casualties

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