More young people registered as disabled

Statistics Norway.SSBOslo. Statistics Norway. Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

In the last year, the number of young disabled people increased by 2,000. In the last seven years, the number of young disabled people has doubled, from 10,000 to 20,000.

Storting representative Nils Kristen Sandtrøen (Ap) says this is completely contrary to the political goals the Storting has adopted, writes Klassekampen.

In 2016, the government launched a guarantee offer for young unemployed people under the age of 30, and in 2018 they launched an inclusion initiative with several measures to get people into the workforce, especially people with gaps in their CVs.

“It is surprising that these measures do not affect the statistics,” says Tonje Fyhn, head of the research group for work-life and inclusion at the research institute Norce.

Fyhn points to cuts in work assessment allowance, low education and lack of upper secondary school as important factors in the increase.
The figures came on 2 July from Statistics Norway (SSB), and showed that 10.5 per cent of the population between the ages of 18 and 67 were covered by disability benefits in 2019.

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