Most people say they have a good quality of life

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Most Norwegians experience a good quality of life, according to a new survey by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. But about 16% are less satisfied with life.

In the report, in which FHI researchers examined the quality of life of more than 80,000 Norwegians, participants scored an average of 7.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 when asked how satisfied they are with life in general.

At the same time, 16.1% report low satisfaction, which is 0 to 5 on the scale. This corresponds to 684,000 people aged 18 and over nationwide.

According to the report, quality of life increases up to the age of 70, and the level of loneliness and mental illness decreases. Researchers also say that those who live with a partner or have a boyfriend/girlfriend are more satisfied than those who are single.

Women score higher than men on questions about negative emotions such as depressed mood and worry, but somewhat higher on questions about good, supportive, and mutual social relationships.

Vulnerable groups

“Although many people have a good quality of life, there are a number of vulnerable groups with a consistently low quality of life,” said researcher Ragnhild Bang Nes of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in a press release.

Among other things, the report concludes that quality of life is related to financial status, and that people who have financial difficulties are at significantly greater risk of being unsatisfied with life.

People who are disabled, unemployed or on sick leave have a four times higher risk of low life satisfaction, while people on social assistance have a six times higher risk.


Other groups that report poor or low quality of life are particularly young people with a poor personal economy and who are weakly integrated into work.

Furthermore, there are those who do not go to school, have no job, people with health problems, people who are in a difficult financial situation, those who suffer discrimination or have no family or a relationship.

The survey, based on data from public health surveys in Hedmark, Østfold, Finnmark, Troms and Agder, as well as a pilot survey in Hallingdal, includes responses from people aged 18 to 93.

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