How much does it cost to charge your mobile?

Almost free to charge your phoneAlmost free to charge your phone. Photo: Colourbox

Most of the respondents totally miscalculated how expensive it is to charge cell phones, according to a survey conducted for Statnett.

How much does it cost to recharge a smartphone two hours a day for one year? 38 percent estimated 300 nok, 24 percent thought 30 Nok and 29 per cent didn’t have an opinion. This is the outcome of a survey by TNS Gallup conducted for Statnett.

Only nine percent matched what is stated as the correct answer in the survey: Three kroner for a full year of charging an average mobile.

– Most Norwegians own a cell phone and use it both at work and during leisure time. Perhaps it is the frequent charging that makes us think that it costs more to charge a mobile than it actually does, says Nina Yong Kviberg, communication and social policy manager at Statnett.

Nearly half of those under the age of 30 believe that mobile charging costs around 300 kroner per year, according to the survey.

Some variations

How much it costs to charge a mobile depends a little on which survey and mobile type you own. The US software company Opower have measured one full charge of the iPhone 6 to 10.5 watt hours, or 3.8 kilowatt hours per year if you charge an empty battery fully up once a day. With the Norwegian electricity prices this means an annual expenditure of just over three kroner.

For an iPhone 6s the  corresponding charge will cost around five kroner annually.

– Some may not reflect on how much power a mobile phone uses, but I would think that most people will be surprised at how little it costs, say Kviberg.

The consumption of the mobile charge will of course vary widely with usage and cell phone type. Some phones need to be recharged more often after one or two years.

How much it takes to recharge a phone, will also vary. The battery capacity of a standard, newly purchased smartphone is usually between two and three ampere hours (Ah). A phone like the Huawei Ascend Mate7 , has as battery capacity of over four Ah.


Source: Statnett / Norway Today