Cancer patients received faster treatment


three out of four cancer patients received faster treatment

A total of 77 percent of all cancer patients received treatment with shorter waiting times and faster diagnosis, according to the Directorate of Health.



– I am pleased that 77 percent of cancer patients were in this scheme last year, says Minister of Health, Bent Høie, to NTB.

In order for cancer patients to have shorter waiting times and a faster route to diagnosis and treatment, the government in 2015 introduced the so-called ‘package scheme’ for cancer.

Within defined time frames, patients will be given an evaluation and treatment on suspicion of cancer. On Thursday, the Directorate of Health will present figures showing how many patients were treated under this scheme in 2016.

Most people received help in ‘Health North’

Last year, the highest number of cancer patients, 84.2 percent, who benefited from this scheme, lived in the ‘Health North’ area.

In ‘Health Central Norway’, 81.5 percent of cancer patients were included in the scheme. In the ‘Health West’ and in ‘Health South-East’, 80.9 and 73.5 percent  respectively received this offer.

The Minister of Health can not give a clear answer to why more patients were offered quicker treatment and diagnosis in Health North.

– When we see these numbers, I’m sure that those who have been delivering  a lower number will start the job of addressing the reason for this.

All four regional Health authorities reached the target of 70 per cent of cancer patients being included in this ‘package scheme’, Høie points out.

New offers on the way

Of all the patients who participated in the scheme last year, just under 70 percent of them received treatment and an examination within the given time frame.

A total of 83 per cent of cancer patients within the four major cancers – breast, lung, intestine and prostate – are now in the treatment scheme. Høie will reveal that more schemes are being developed.

– Later this year, such treatment schemes will also be introduced for stroke patients . The first draft proposal for mental health treatment is now ready, Høie expanded.


Source: NTB Scanpix / Norway Today