Bodø says no to municipality merger

Ida Maria Pinnerød Bodø no to municipality mergerMayor in Bodø, Ida Maria Pinnerød (Ap). Photo: Børre Arntzen,

Bodø says no to municipality merger for the second time

Bodø city council says no to merge with Steigen with 20 against 19 votes after an extraordinary city council meeting. This is the second time Bodø says no to the municipality merger.


And this time the answer is final, as the vote follows up a previous vote with the same result.

In the municipality of Steigen, two referendums have said no to the merger, in November last year and in January this year. That is the main reason why Bodø will go no further with the question.

– The reason lies in the referendum in Steigen, which was held in January, where the inhabitants said no.

– It’s neither good management nor good processes if you go against a people who are so clear, says Ida Pinnerød (Labour) to NRK. Bodø’s mayor herself voted no.

Steigen voted twice

The municipal council in Steigen has also voted twice. The first time, the majority followed the will of the population, but in May they changed their minds, and a minimal majority said yes to the merger.

The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization has been positive to merge Bodø and Steigen in spite of the opposition, without including Bodø in the dialogue, something mayor Pinnerød has reacted strongly to.

Everything will when all comes to all, in the Parliament. On June 1, the municipal committee will present its recommendation, and on June 8, the municipal structure will be finalized in the Storting.


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