Nearly 6,500 patients have used free treatment options

Health Minister Bent HøieHealth Minister Bent Høie.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Approximately 6,500 patients have taken advantage of the free treatment option. The service has been among Høyre’s (H) top ten policies.


‘It is very pleasing that so many patients have taken advantage of the scheme.

Free treatment choices are an important part of the patient’s health service’, said Minister of Health and Care. Bent Høie (H).

A new report from the Directorate of Health showed that the use of the scheme had increased significantly in 2017, and that a large percentage of the population now know about the scheme.

‘Free treatment choice’ is a scheme that allows patients to choose whether to be treated at an approved private, or public, place of treatment. The government pays the bill.

The goal is to exploit free capacity in private healthcare, so the waiting times go down. It also gives patients greater freedom of choice, and contributes to increased efficiency in hospitals.

‘The scheme is a broad reform that reduces waiting times, increases freedom of choice,

and stimulates public hospitals to become more efficient. The biggest effect is due to the fact that public hospitals are given the opportunity to treat more patients, and increase the use of tenders. This benefits all patients, said Høie.

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