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The percentage of elderly people who use the internet has increased from 80% in 2014 to 90% last year. The use of smartphones has also increased. Seven out of ten senior-citizens now have a smartphone.

A report from SIFO showed that there is a big difference between the oldest age groups. Especially those over 80 years of age struggle to be updated digitally and master the internet.

The SIFO report showed that among the elderly aged over 60 in the sample, access to the internet has increased between 2014 to 2018. The use of a number of different network services is also increasing.

Several older web users feel that they are mastering the internet, from four out of ten in 2014 to five out of ten in 2018.

Most have learned to use the internet through their job. In 2018, six out of ten felt safe on the internet, while eight out of ten said they had a good overview of passwords.

In total, four out of ten are motivated to participate digitally. But half want to strengthen their own digital expertise, preferably through courses, even though lack of time and interest were emphasised as the most important obstacles to this. The need to master the digital world has increased because six out of ten senior-citizens believe the internet is needed in everyday life.

The proportion of elderly people who do not use the internet has been halved, from two out of ten in 2014 to only one in ten in 2018.

The main reasons why the internet is not used is lack of need and interest. But many also feel that they are too old or they are against the rapid technology development.

Eight out of ten think they are doing fine without the internet.

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