Never before have so few young girls had children

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Last year, only 56 girls in this country became mothers when they were 16 or younger show figures from the Medical Birth Registry.

This is a decrease of 24 in one year and 123 in the past five years show figures P4 news have taken from the Registry.

‘’It’s very gratifying. I think these pregnancies in girls under the age of 16 are largely unwanted pregnancies.

We see the same trend in the Abortion Register, where there has been a decrease of 70% in the number of abortions in the age group 15 to 19 years in the past ten years’’ said consultant, Kristine Stangenes at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to the news channel.

The reason for the decline is, among other things, that young people have become better at using contraception and using better contraception.

‘’One has worked actively to avoid unwanted teenage pregnancies’’ she said.

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