New concept will send doctors on home visits

DoctorIllustration.Doctor.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

A ‘new’ concept, Homework, will have doctor’s visiting the patient, not the other way around. Among other things, the goal is to relieve an already squeezed medical establishment.


‘The idea is to create a seamless service arranged for the patients, to prevent it from being the sick ones who must seek treatment,’said General Manager, Nicolai Skarsgård, of Hjemmegene to VG newspaper.

The idea behind the concept is, among other things, to relieve the queues at the doctor’s office, to shorten sickness absence at work.Diseases may be revealed earlier in those who delay seeking medical attention, and it will be more convenient for those who are alone with children’, Skarsgård pointed out.

Tom Willy Christiansen, who led the Ministry of Health and Career Affairs’s project for the design and implementation of the GP system in 2001, is concerned about the increasing number of tasks GPs will get.

‘This would have worked well if the team had increased. But it hasn’t’, he commented. Sigurd Røtnes, acting department director at the Norwegian Directorate of Health, said of the permanent scheme, ‘It works well, but can be developed and improved’.
The home visiting concept team consists of seven people, including doctors, developers, economists and designers.They are mobilizing doctors around the country to take part in the concept.

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