New migraine medicine gives hope to millions of people


The first drug to prevent migraine was approved in the USA on Thursday.


Experts believe it marks a new era in migraine treatment, but the price is expensive.

The drug, Aimovig, was approved on Thursday by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is made by Amgen and Novartis.

The drug is administered by one injection per month, and costs approximately $6,900 a year without insurance (just over NOK 55,000). Aimovig blocks a protein that induces and maintains migraine. Three other companies, Lilly,Teva and Alder have similar medicines awaiting approval by the FDA.

‘’The drugs will have a big effect. It’s really a wonderful time for patients and generally for neurologists treating patients with migraines,” said Dr. Amaal Starling,a migraine specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, to The New York Times newspaper.

During trials of the product, patients experienced the average number of days of migraine falling from eight per month to four. A control group who received injections that did not contain the new product experienced on average of two fewer days per month with migraine.

According to research leader, Sean Harper, of Amgen, some patients experienced the migraines disappearing completely.

Migraines are intense headaches, often with nausea and sensitivity to light and sound attached. The pain can last for up to three days.


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