New survey: 77% of Norwegians are positive about using face masks

Face mask: Terje Pedersen / NTB

A total of 77% of respondents in a new survey believe that people should wear face masks in Norway. Only 9% replied negatively.

The data was revealed in the Norwegian Coronavirus Monitor survey carried out by Opinion. A total of 18,700 Norwegians participated in the survey.

In May, only 33% of Norwegians were positive about the use of face masks.

“Face masks are far from comfortable and are not always recommended by health authorities, but Norwegians have changed their views on face masks in a short time. It is almost typically Norwegian to wear a face mask now,” senior adviser Nora Clausen at Opinion noted.

In November, 78% said they bought face masks during the pandemic, an increase of 15% from October.

About the same number – 79% – say they have tried or used face masks.

In Oslo, 84% of people are positive about wearing face masks, 94% bought face masks, and 99% stated that they used face masks.

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