NHO and Virke rages over food waste

Compost, food wasteCompost, food waste. Photo: Pixabay.com

NHO and Virke rages – accuses the Government of breach of Agreement

The Government wants to cut subsidy to measures against food waste. Now The Industry Organization (NHO) and the trade organization Virke are raging what they believe is a breach of agreement on food waste.


The Government proposes to remove the support to the Matsentralen, which distributes surplus food to the poor, and to the Matvett organization, which represents a large part of Food Norway, in its budget draft for next year, reports TV2. The cuts of NOK 30 million are made over the budget of Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

NHO and Virke point out that the Minister of Climate and Environmental, Vidar Helgesen (Conservatives), on behalf of five ministries, signed a historic agreement with Matvett about 16 days ago. The goal is to halve the scope of food wastage by 2030.

– It is quite unique that you choose to remove that much financial support for that work almost before the ink is dry on the agreements that have been agreed on. It’s a very bad start to collaboration, says the director of NHO Food and Beverage, Petter Haas Brubakk.

– It is hard to believe that they will implement this. Because if they do, it will be a breach of agreement, says Ingvill Størksen, director of grocery stores in Virke.Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale (Frp)’s does not think the work against food waste is impaired by the removal of subsidies.

– I am absolutely sure that the Food Central (Matsentralen) and the NGOs, together with the industry agreement we have signed and the steps taken by the Government to reduce the cost of food being distributed, are important steps that will continue to reduce food waste in Norway, he says.


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