Nine out of ten Norwegian consumers know the Nyt Norge brand


Nine out of ten consumers know the Nyt Norge brand, and almost as many say the brand makes it easier to choose Norwegian food and drink.


The figures are from a survey conducted by Matmark, which is behind the branding system, reported Nationen newspaper.

Of 1,000 respondents, 88% said they knew the brand, and 83% that the Nyt Norge scheme makes it easier to choose Norwegian food.

Almost half say they choose Nyt Norge if they can, and every third consumer looks for the brand in the store.

‘It’s a very good figure. These are those who actively pursue and look for the Nyt Norge brand,’ said Matmark CEO, Nina Sundqvist. Six years ago, only one in six were actively searching for Nyt Norge products.

‘I am very pleased with the figures in the survey,’ said Sundqvist. The survey also asked why people choose Nyt Norge in food stores.

‘The answer is not mainly because they think it tastes better. Consumers are primarily concerned with protecting Norwegian jobs, both in agriculture and in industry,’ explained Sundqvist.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today