Northern Norway prepares for hotter weather

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The unusually wet November in Southern Norway will be replaced by a temporary high pressure this weekend. In the north, it will be hot and there will be a little rain on the coast.

“At least the westerners – who have had a very wet November until now – will be happy to have a few days of stable weather, I think. 

“Also, in Eastern Norway, I think many will be happy to get more typical November weather,” on-duty meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

Normal temperatures

The high pressure will build up and cause the temperature to go down – there will be no rain.

“We will have temperatures that are more normal for the season: In the coastal areas, we expect around 0 degrees, while inland it can drop to both minus 5 and minus 10 degrees Celsius,” Fagerlid said.

The forecast applies to the whole of Southern Norway and throughout the weekend. 

But the high pressure will likely weaken over the weekend.

From dry to hot

Northern Norway will experience an opposite change of weather. The stable high pressure that has characterized the region will be replaced by a large low pressure between Svalbard and Iceland.

“The normal temperatures in the north will rise considerably,” the meteorologist noted.

The low pressure will lead to gales on the coast. 

The meteorologist says it is more likely that the wind will appear in the form of light gales. 

Both the south and the north can thus expect lively weekend weather. 

It will be worse in Svalbard, where strong winds from the southwest, rain, and snow are expected.

“Very changeable weather is expected. Svalbard will get the worst weekend weather,” Fagerlid concluded.

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