Norway braces for change of weather: Cooler days and rain expected in large parts of the country

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The taste of summer in Norway is now being replaced by a low pressure area from the west that will lead to rain in Western Norway, in Trøndelag, and Northern Norway.

Wednesday marks a change of weather as the high pressure that provided the country with warm temperatures moves east. From Thursday onwards, people in Western Norway, Trøndelag, and Northern Norway can expect precipitation and colder weather.

“Throughout the week and towards the weekend, temperatures will be down to 10 degrees in the north, 10-12 degrees in Central Norway, and 10-15 degrees in Western Norway,” state meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes at the Meteorological Institute noted.

Østafjells, the temperatures will stay around 20 degrees, and the shelter provided by the mountains will ensure that there is not much precipitation.

“But there may be some showers in the afternoons,” Moxnes said.

Fire risk throughout the country

Nevertheless, the state meteorologist emphasizes that even though the weather is getting wetter in large parts of the country, people should be careful with open fires.

“The weather is a bit varied… There is also a fire warning in place… People should be careful,” Moxnes added.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued out a forest fire warning on Wednesday for Eastern Norway. At the same time, there is a danger of grass and heather fires in the rest of the country.

“There was a lot of precipitation in Eastern Norway before it became dry, but now it has been dry for so long that there is a danger of forest fires.”

Less snow in the mountains

On Wednesday, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute reports that there is much less snow in the mountains now than there was at the same time a year ago. 

“There was less snow this winter than last year, and much of the precipitation came down as rain. So there is a big difference between last year and this year up in the mountains,” Moxnes explained.

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